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This is the San Diego Mission de Alcalá as an example.

Here are all the tools you need to create the San Diego Mission Basilica de Alcala, California‘s First Mission. All you really need is glue & scissors. I prefer hot glue, but this can be hazardous around smaller children. If this is the case, I recommend ordinary white glue.

Here are all the tools you need to create the San Diego Mission Basilica de

I also use a straight edge and a dry pen for scoring the fold lines. I highly recommend scoring the fold lines.

Step 1. Cut out all of the parts. Cut along the perimeter black lines.

Step 2. Score along all of the dashed fold lines on all pieces.


Step 3. Locate the front & rear bell tower pieces. Score and fold over the rear bell tower tabs.

Step 4. Fold the tabs over, align and glue in place. Start at one side and work your way around.

Step 5. Locate the mission front wall spacer, identify the middle tab, and glue in place along the middle top edge of the mission front. Work your way left then right, carefully aligning and gluing each tab in place in place.

Step 6. Glue each of the two mission sides in place.

Step 7. Next, glue the two mission end pieces in place.

Step 8. Glue the two mission roof sections in place starting with the main roof section. Glue the rear part of the roof first. This allows you to center the roof over the upper rear wall. Next, glue left side leaving approximately 1/16 of an inch overhang. Make sure the roof glues n with the same amount of overhang from front to back.

Step 8. Glue the right side in place, next. Glue the front tabs to the mission front wall last. Glue the rear shed roof in place starting with the upper rear wall tab.

Step 9. Glue the center tab of the main garden wall in place over the center of the arch on one of the side pieces. Continue right then left, gluing each tab in place aligning the arch piece with the edges of the arch.

Step 10. Complete the main garden wall by gluing both the bottom and the top making sure the top colored piece is glue to the top of the adjoining white tab. The bottom tabs are both white.

Step 11. Construct the front wing walls in the same manner as the main garden wall, by bending the top, bottom, and end tabs over and gluing, making sure the colored tabs remain on top.

Step 12. The garden end wall goes together the same as the walls above. There is one of these.

Step 13. Starting with the rear base tab, glue and align until glue is dry. Continue around mission until all base tabs have been glued.

Step 14. Glue the front wing walls to the front of the mission as shown. Be sure to glue the correct walls to the correct sides.

Step 15. To construct the sign, start by gluing the triangular support bracket to the center of the back aligning the bottom of the bracket to the bottom of the sign. The final step, is to glue the sign in place. This can be glued anywhere you like

Optional: I like to glue the completed model to a piece of heavy cardboard, or foam core as shown.

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