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Welcome to our "All Star" Customer Gallery!

California Mission Project Video by Daniel Rivera

  • "The model worked great. My son got an A. Thank you."
    - Chuck Robertson

  • "We were looking for something to help us design a mission for my sons mission project. This was perfect for what we needed. This gave us a starting point for the project! Thank you!"
    - Kristin Davis

  • "I only wish I had ordered from this merchant last year when my daughter did her Mission project."
    - Beverly Green

  • "It was a quick download. The mission model was well detailed. When printed on photo paper it was the perfect thickness to assemble. My 9 year old daughter needed little help to cut and glue it. It made a nice project and the 8.5 by 11 inch size was convenient for Her to carry to school. It was much more detailed than anything She could have made with craft supplies and there was no need to leave the house, nor burn gas to find the supplies. Thank you!"
    - Ross Tuomala

  • "I bought your San Rafael Mission for my son. Thank You. I thought it would be difficult to put together. I was very surprised to find how easy it was. Again Thank You."
    - Edel Molina

  • "This is a fabulous website and I will get a good grade on my mission. Thank You."
    - Peter Boasberg

  • "Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and my 4th grader thanks you greatly!"
    - Debbie

  • "I will let my son's teacher know about your web site and will recommend you highly!"
    - Nora

  • "The model looked great, my son just got his report back and he received a 99% on his report overall! Thanks for the great product!"
    - Kerri

  • "I ordered this for a school project and it turned out better then I expected.. All my classmates like the model."
    - Andrew, 4th grade student

  • "This was for my daughters 4th grade assignment, it was a family project. We all enjoyed it and my daughter got an A."
    - Jamie

  • "This is a great site for my 10 year old this got her excited about her school project, Thank you."
    - Jorge

  • "The model turned out great. Our 9 yr. old, Luke, should get a good grade on his project. Thanks again."
    - Jonas

  • "I got this for my daughters 4th grade assignment. The paperwork printed very clear! The model looked great. Customer service is the next above excellent!! Thank you so much!!"
    - Elsie Ochoa

  • "They had exactly what we were looking for. The price was affordable and shipping was very prompt. The products we purchased were of good quality and easy to put together."
    - Mary Downs

Grade "A" Models From Some Of Our Customers

This is Matthew C. showing his school project, Thomas Jefferson's Monticello home and the Declaration of Independence!

Great job, Matthew!

This Is Jeannie's Alcatraz Model school project!

I love how Harry Potter is coming to catch the Prisoner of Azkaban...  I mean the Prisoner of Alcatraz!
Jeannie's Alcatraz
David Mayhew, Yale University
Photo Taken By Mara Lavitt

Here is a terrific job that Nikola and her mom Nikkie did on the Alcatraz Prison all the way from Scotland!
Alcatraz Model

Here's Aaron with his amazing Alcatraz model he built with the help of his dad Nick and the support of his mom, Steph all the way from Greece!  Great photo!

Thank you Kate Menjivar for building this "A+" Mission Project!

Thank you Karen for helping out!

Look at this AMAZING Alamo project Bill did with his daughter! Alamo 1
Alamo 2 Alamo 2

Here is an amazing job the Clark Family did on Fort Sumter.

They received a well deserved "A"!

Thank you Pat, Steve & Steven Clark!
Alcatraz 1

The James Stevens Model Gallery

Here is an amazing collection of models all built by James Stevens!

James has built more of our models that anyone in all the 17 years we've been in business! Bravo James!

Amazing Paper Model Events

British Airways SAN Event British Airways SAN Event
Jewish Academy of San Diego Jewish Academy of San Diego
Ford Charity Children's Cancer Second Life American Cancer Society
City San Diego 100th Anniversary City San Diego 100th Anniversary
City San Diego 100th Anniversary SAN City Anniversary
National City Railcar Museum SONY ArtWalk
SONY ArtWalk SONY ArtWalk
SONY ArtWalk SONY ArtWalk

SONY ArtWalk
NBC News San Diego

California Mission Student School Projects

More Testimonies!

• Quick ship Well packed Great quality !!! 💫🌈⚡️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

• High quality, matched the description & will be able to use it for my scrapbook of the California Mission

• I am a former teacher and this is going to be fun to put together and share with my grandchildren and school children when I go to school on Constitution Day. High quality, it exceeds my expectations.

• Easy to follow instructions for my 10 yr old to assemble.

• The item came very quickly and was easy to assemble. My son's teacher was very impressed with the project.

• Great product. Download version - I needed it asap. I used the printout as a template. I extended the model dimensions and added more design elements to replicate the building, as seen on photos.

• Exactly what my daughter needed to create her presentation board.

• Super easy kit to put together. It includes history. I must have not seen that it came with that so it was a nice bonus.

• Item as described and arrived expeditiously. Would buy from seller again.