DNA - Build Your Own Double Helix - Paper Model Project Kit

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These models are perfect for that last minute project!

Instant PDF Download
These paper models can be purchased starting at only $9.95 for the 7"x10", and $11.95 for the 10”x13” instant PDF downloads which can printed on any standard home or office printer on regular paper.

Pre-Printed & Shipped
If you don’t want to print them yourself, for only a few $s more, we will print them for you with high quality color printers, on thick card stock 60#+ paper for durability, and mailed directly to you the same day!

We offer United States Postal Service, First-Class Parcel, 1-3 day shipping same day shipping for a flat $5 fee.

Once I Have The Kit
Then, with only a pair of scissors, some glue, and about an hour you will transform these paper sheets into a true three-dimensional architectural replica or complete science project.  All of the images in this site are of the actual models made from these kits!  We even include a history of your project to write that report!

The Buying Process

Typical Kit Sample
Each kit is from 8 to 18 pages that when cut and assembled completes the model in the image.  Each kit comes with an “exploded view” that shows how the pieces go together and the history to help you or your child complete their report in a single evening.

Exploded View Sample Pieces Finished Model

Your Best Way To Get An "A"! 

Free History To Write Your Report

The DNA Double-Helix
James Watson and Francis Crick were giants in genomics. Their discovery of the double helix structure of DNA revolutionised our understanding of the human form and its past, present and future. However, it is a common misconception that James Watson and Francis Crick discovered DNA in the 1950s. Watson and Crick benefitted from pioneering predecessors, but to find the complete story of the discovery of DNA, we must go back to the 1800s.

The molecule, which we now refer to as DNA, was first identified in the 1860s by a Swiss chemist called Johann Friedrich Miescher. He was researching the key components of white blood cells, part of the body’s immune system, when he discovered a substance which he would call ‘nuclein’. What Miescher hadn’t realised is that he had just discovered the molecular basis of all life: deoxyribonucleic acid, also known as DNA .

Many discoveries would follow, such as Abrecht Kossel’s ‘four building blocks of DNA’, and Walter Flemming’s ‘chromosome theory of inheritance’. Flemming, an anatomist from Germany, discovered a fibrous structure within the nucleus of cells. He named it ‘chromatin,’ but what he actually discovered was what we now know as Chromosomes.

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