Welcome to Paper Models Online!

And, thank you for celebrating our 25th year of doing business on the Internet with students, teachers, and parents like you!

Paper Models Online is a family run business, not a big corporation. We’re here to help get that “A”.

We created Paper Models Online, because we were parents and grandparents and saw the need for low cost school project solutions, that parents can easily find and download into your homes.

It all started out when my wife performed her Sunday night ritual of cleaning out our daughter’s backpack only to find a note from her teacher that her California Mission Project was due on Monday! So we got out the Internet and began searching.

Back in 1999, there wasn’t much on the Internet that could help my wife, daughter, and myself with her California Mission project. There weren’t any tips on how to build a California Mission, not photographs of the California Missions themselves, and certainly no downloadable Mission kits.

So, I created Paper Models Online and over the next several years, received three U.S. Patents on the concept of delivering paper models over the Internet.

Since 1999 we developed a whole line of downloadable school projects. Our premiere category is still the California Missions. We recreated all 21 Missions, each architecturally true to the original Mission. Yep, we have all 21 California Missions.

You can download any of the California Mission along with a one to two page history of each Mission to help you and your child write their report. There is also what is called an “exploded” view, which shows how to assemble the project. We found over the years, that an image of how the Mission goes together is preferred over lengthy step-by-step instructions. And, the cover of each kit shows a photograph of the actual mission once it is assembled.

All of the images on this web site are of the actual completed school projects. There are no computer generated images here!

and Medium at 10”x13”. The small and medium sized kits can be printed on any home or office computer with standard 8 1/2” x 11” paper. To make your Mission stronger and more durable, it is preferred that you use a heavier paper such as the kind business cards are printed on, but regular paper will do.

Only the large kit is too big for a home printer, so we have our printer, print the kit on the larger paper and ship it to you the very same day.

We try to keep the cost as low as possible, because we understand how expensive it is to raise a child today, especially when the school requires projects and extra credit projects. That’s why all of our kits start at under $10 for everything you need to get an “A”.

We also have tips and tricks on how to build that perfect Mission kit and even a tutorial on how to create a waterfall using nothing more than some flour, paint, hot glue, and sticks and stones from your yard.

In addition to the California Missions, we also offer a complete line of school projects to help your child succeed. Does your child have to build a Volcano or the Solar System for science class or The Old North Church or the Apollo IX for American history class, or a medieval castle or a Mayan Temple for world history, a DNA Molecule or the Atoms for biology, or even the Shakespeare’s Olde Globe Theatre for literature, we have them. They are here in three sizes, with their history included for free, and available for instant access and download.

We hope you enjoy building your California Mission or any of our more than 100 downloadable school projects as much as our nearly 50,000 other customers have!

We at Paper Models Online personally thank you for working together with us for 24 years!

Lon Safko, President
Paper Models Inc.