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Build A Waterfall

The Waterfall DioramaWaterfall

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to create a waterfall or any land, hills, or rivers.  It also works great for adobe fro covering the model!

Here is my diorama of a waterfall, made from things I found around the house. This is especially handy when that project is handed to you on the Sunday before the Monday it’s due.
I will take it step by step and show you how your can create something from things in the yard, the basement and the neighbor’s yard.

I started with some flour and water. It looks like there was a secret formula, but I just mix some flour with a couple of tablespoons of salt (this keeps mold from growing), with enough water to make a paste. The paste was about the consistency of pancake batter.

I then took a few pieces of wood from my scrap wood for the fireplace. You could use Styrofoam, or crumbled up newspaper.

I hammered a couple of nails in each to secure them to each other to form the shape in the photo. This will be the base of the waterfall.

I then took some old newspaper and tore them in strips about 1″ wide. Be sure to rip the newspaper from top to bottom. It just seems to tear straight. If you try to tear it sideways, it rips all over.
I dipped the strips of newspaper into the batter until the paper was covered on both sides. I then pressed the wet paper to the wood and made some rough shapes as show in the photo.

I used wheat flour, which gave the finished product a good earth tone brown color. I can recommend flour.  It crack a great deal and took three days to dry enough to paint. I would strongly recommend Plaster of Paris. You can get this at any home warehouse and it cures in 45 minutes.

I then took the remaining flour pastes and stuck it around to make irregular shapes as shown.

As it began to dry, the rich brown color in the wheat flour began to come out.

Once the flour had completely dried (about three days), I went to the garage.  I found some black, green and brown spray paints.

I lightly dusted the shape with each of the colors.  I used a littler, black, a little green, a little brown, a little more black.Don’t be too careful.  Random colors are what make it look more natural.If it’s too green, dust it with some brown.

 I went to the garage and I found some blue paint. It actually was some old car touch up paint. It was really blue and didn’t look a lot like water, so I first paint the outline of where the water was to go with the dark blue, and then while it was still wet, I brushed in some ugly green paint I found. I deliberately let it mix together.
The next step was to raid the landscaping. I filled a sandwich bag with crushed stone. I gathered all different sized. If you don’t have crushed stone in your yard, check you neighbors. Jus don’t tell them I told you.

I used hot glue to stick the gravel on the model. I started with the larger pieces first, then worked my way down to the smallest.

I outlined the edge of the water and glued it randomly around the model.

In the foreground is the waterfall. I measured the height of the waterfall and ran hot glue lines on a piece of aluminum foil on my counter top. Don’t use your countertop, hot glue may damage it or you might not be able to easily lift the glue up. I just squirted glue in lines. When it had cooled, I lifted it off the foil. I also took a few stick that had multiple branches, snapped them to length, and now they are trees.
I then broke up a bunch of the sticks of different diameter and different lengths and randomly glued them in and around the stream and sides.  This looked like the water had carried the logs down stream until they lodged in place.
I also took some pine needles and glued bunches at the bottom of the waterfall and along the side.  It looked like bushes and cattails.  Lastly, I took the hot glue gun and squirted about 4 sticks along the stream to make it look like water.

You can do it too!  Just go step by step, and get creative.

Please, let us see what you’ve created.!

Take some pictures and send them to us so we can post them in our customer gallery!